Rehab Success Story Gives Back….

My Name is Joy Krebs.

I stopped by Signature HealthCARE of South Louisville the afternoon of December 12th for the first time since I was discharged from rehab back in March/April and May 2017. While I was there, I was taken care of with the most kind and understanding staff that I could have ever been in contact with.
I was able to go back to work here are UPS Supply Chain Solutions this past August, and I am now in the process of retiring next year. From my rehab to going back to soon retiring, I give thanks to Signature HealthCARE of South Louisville and the staff here.
The reason for my brief visit yesterday is to drop off 100 Christmas Cards for all your “guest” and “staff.” Many of my co-workers here at UPS were truly amazed by the care and help that I received and not to mention how clean your facility has always been. The staff had a nickname for me “the snack lady.”

I pray that the Christmas Cards brought a smile to a few faces.

My Thank You to your past care of me. And My Thank You for caring for so many people in our community.