“Blessing Of The Hands” Event at South Louisville

The Blessing of the Hands was recently conducted at all of the Louisville Facilities by all the local chaplains gathered together to provide this wonderful spiritual appreciation to our many caregivers.

As in the past the Louisville area Chaplains all got together and shared the “Blessing” in 5 of our facilities. For those at South when asked about the service, I received the following comments/quotes: “I cried”, “I was touched”, “It made me feel special”, “It was very good”, “It was done well”, “It was very beneficial”

One other thing our activities Director Stephanie Hope did a GREAT job by turning our dining room into an awesome room to host this service. She closed all the blinds which made the room dark, then in the center of the room she set up a round table with about 15 candles on it so that the main light came from the center of the room. This allow all the staff to come into one place to receive the “Blessing” the effect was awesome! It made the “Blessing” seem very important and special. This was the only facility that took the time for all the staff to come together and do a short service. It made the “Blessing” stand out.

Chaplain Clint Palmer
Signature HealthCARE of South Louisville