Cheryl Parker

To Signature Healthcare of South Louisville,

I Cheryl L. Parker wanted to thank all of you for the tremendous care you all gave to me during my short stay here. each department was very caring, loving and professional.

The nurses were very accurate with their timing giving me my medicines along with asking me if my prescriptions made me uncomfortable and if so let them know so they could consult with the nurses on other shifts and the doctors as well. They always made sure I took the right medicines and at right times along with making sure I took all my medicine before they left the room.

The food was very nutritious and the choices provided were very healthy also the food list was simple and easy to complete making it easy to pick the food I liked to eat.

The nurses aides always came in with a smile while completing jobs following the instructions given to them and at the same time making sure everything was correct and if there were any doubts they always double checked.

your housekeeping department is wonderful. they made sure I had all of my accessories stocked such as towels, clothes and toiletries constantly keeping my room clean and always asking “do you need anything else?” They always kept me stocked with all needed supplies and would remove used towels immediately. When I first got to my room it was sparkling and stayed that way throughout my stay making me feel very comfortable.

Thank God for Physical therapy as well as all Signature Healthcare Departments they were fabulous. Each Therapist had their own program and each one took me by the hand, by the arm, holding me gracefully but firm making sure I did not fall or step incorrectly.

Therapist answered all my questions telling me the correct way to get up and down, the right way to bend, how to reach for things here and for when I get home. With my hip condition they went further showing me individually the correct ways to using the restroom and the correct way reaching for things in the kitchen. Their patience was remarkable. I learned a lot from each of them and each step they took me through will not be forgotten also providing papers for me to take home to make sure I would continue to do things correctly from here on out.

I would advise anyone who has a friend, relative or anyone whether they know them or not to come here because together all the departments worked together as a “Team” making me feel as a person, a human being needing help making me feel great from day one and even better as I was being discharged.

A lot of facilities could learn from Signature Healthcare of South Louisville the correct and professional way each person should be treated.

Thank you all so much.


Cheryl L. Parker