Ms. Margaret Brown

Signature South received this beautiful card today from the family of a resident whom we recently cared for. Messages like this remind us of the good we do for folks day in and out and keep us humble as well. Thank You for letting us care for you, Ms. Brown.

Angels sent from Heaven

Thank you so much for taking care of Janet’s mom. You all are truly a blessing. She did not have to worry about her mother at that home. I know this is hard on you all as well. You touch so many lives as you watch their loved ones leave. It hurts you to get so close but you can’t help but have that love inside you. Given all of this you keep giving the families the love and care you do because there is no one else out there like you. If you ever choose to do anything else my wish is that you train someone else to be just like all of you all. We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done.

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I will never be able to thank you all for what you all did for us on our 60th.

Thanks again we loved it all

David & Ann Lambert

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Cheryl Parker

To Signature Healthcare of South Louisville,

I Cheryl L. Parker wanted to thank all of you for the tremendous care you all gave to me during my short stay here. each department was very caring, loving and professional.

The nurses were very accurate with their timing giving me my medicines along with asking me if my prescriptions made me uncomfortable and if so let them know so they could consult with the nurses on other shifts and the doctors as well. They always made sure I took the right medicines and at right times along with making sure I took all my medicine before they left the room.

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