Advanced Healing Systems included in CARE Services!

Signature HealthCARE has contracted with Advanced Healing Systems (AHS) to extend the latest in wound care technology to its patients in 14 Signature HealthCARE locations including Signature HealthCARE of East Louisville and Signature HealthCARE of South Louisville!  This relationship provides Signature HealthCARE with a unique and innovative weapon to fight a serious and very debilitating “disease” — the non-healing wound.

Dennis Stone MD, Signature HealthCARE’s Chief Medical Officer, states, “Introducing AHS to 14 of our Signature HealthCARE facilities brings the most significant and innovative wound care strategy presently available.   Providing this formulary system to our patients will heal wounds faster.   This brings quicker relief to our patients and, at the same time, reduces the costs of nursing time and wound dressings.  We hope to see the day when the medical community looks to our facilities as “Wound Care Centers of Excellence” and THE place to turn to if wound care needs arise.”

The AHS formulary heals wounds by reawakening the body’s own natural healing mechanisms.   A chronic wound is one the body has given up trying to close.   The components of the AHS formulary and protocol stimulate growth of healthy tissue from the bone up and reduce or eliminate any bacteria that inhibit healing.  This results in having to change the dressing less frequently – letting the healing process progress undisturbed. The systems also work well with existing treatments such as chemical removal of injured tissue or negative pressure systems that remove excess secretions.    By using this protocol, the wound healing time is accelerated up to 50% thus eliminating or reducing the high cost of those ancillary interventions.

Tom Spencer, President & CEO from Advanced Healing Systems, Inc., states, “In the coming decade U.S. health care for seniors will be transformed by organizations that create centers of excellence. Signature HealthCARE’s commitment to creating Wound Healing Centers will positively impact the quality and the cost of wound care in the communities it serves. Advanced Healing Systems is proud to be a partner with Signature HealthCARE in the achievement of this vision.”

Signature HealthCARE, headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is a family-based organization that is revolutionizing the long term care industry through a culture of patient-centered healthcare services, personalized spirituality, quality of life initiatives, and employee development and empowerment.  With 66 facilities operated and managed by its affiliates in 7 states, Signature HealthCARE is redefining care by earning the trust of every patient, family and community it serves.